Fashion and Flamboyance: A Dive into "And Just Like That" Episode 10

Aug. 17, 2023 in Models & Actresses Photos by Julian Everett

And Just Like That / 10th episode

It's Thursday, and that means it's time for And Just Like That. Let's dissect the latest it-looks and engage in the ever-vibrant discussion about the 10th episode, which the NYT fashion department aptly named "Statement Loungewear."

🔹Throughout the series, and particularly in the latest episode, our main characters have demonstrated that there's always room for feathered pajamas and high-heeled mules, even when you're preparing for bed or just lounging around. Because why not?

And Just Like That / 10th episode

🔹The bedroom has long been a confessional space for the series' protagonists, a sentiment that's always made "Sex and the City" unique. The extra luxurious lingerie and loungewear feel like they're there to emphasize this very notion.

🔹Real talk: Do any of you actually walk around your apartment in lingerie, or is this a throwback to Rita Hayworth's era?

  • In today's world, I believe most lean towards athleisure, something the series surprisingly doesn't showcase.

🔹Speaking of heels and PJs outside the bedroom, there was a delightful comedic moment when Carrie decided to head to Coney Island in a sequined cloak, [pajamas], and heel boots - an ensemble that felt hilariously out of place. Her Skeppsholmen shopper in this look was dubbed one of the most puzzling items in the series, right up there with the Ciao Bella tote.

And Just Like That / 10th episode

🔹Keep your eyes on Sam Smith's wine glass purse, which made a grand entrance at Charlotte's gallery. "It might just become my favorite accessory this season," muses Jeremy Allen.

🔹Meanwhile, Miranda seems to have embraced the vibes of Brandi Carlile and Bowie. It's a look that suits her way better than her droopy suits from the past.

And Just Like That / 10th episode

As we continue to revel in the glamour and eccentricities of And Just Like That, one thing's for sure – the show knows how to make fashion statements that leave an impression. Whether they resonate with real life or remain a fantastical display, they surely make for great television.

And Just Like That / 10th episode

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