Zara's Fuchsia Choices: Past and Present Looks for Royal Ascot

June 20, 2023 in Fashion & Style by Charlotte Sinclair

Zara has proven her penchant for fuchsia shades at the Royal Ascot horse races. Both in the upcoming event and the previous one, her eye-catching outfits make a bold statement amidst the pageantry and tradition.

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Polka Dot Dresses: A Timeless Classic for Horse Racing Events

June 23, 2023 in Fashion & Style by Charlotte Sinclair

Polka dot dresses - a classic choice for horse racing events. Diana wore one at the Royal Ascot in 1988, Kate wore one for the races in 2022. Even in the movie 'Pretty Woman,' Julia Roberts shows up at a polo tournament in a brown polka dot dress. So, it's no surprise that we found two polka dot dresses in the wardrobe of Elena Nikolaeva, a passionate horse lover - we saw one on air, and she wore the other for the anniversary evening dedicated to Zarina brand's 30th anniversary.

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Megan Markle's Royal Ascot Look: A Tribute to Audrey Hepburn's 'My Fair Lady'

June 23, 2023 in Models & Actresses Photos by Charlotte Sinclair

Megan Markle made a notable appearance at the 2018 Royal Ascot in a striking black and white ensemble, a tribute to Audrey Hepburn's character in 'My Fair Lady.' The original dress was created by Cecil Beaton, known for his role as a court photographer for the royal family.

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