Unknown Rembrandt Portraits Fetch €13 Million at Christie's Auction

July 10, 2023 in Arts & Culture by Charlotte Sinclair

Two small portraits, previously unknown to the world and hidden in a private collection of a British family, turned out to be original works of the Dutch master Rembrandt. These unexpected treasures were auctioned at Christie's for an impressive sum of €13 million, exceeding their initial estimate by almost 50%.

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The Morgan Library & Museum Unlocks the Rembrandt Print Collection for Public Viewing

March 15, 2024 in Arts & Culture by Charlotte Sinclair

In an exciting development for art lovers and historians alike, The Morgan Library & Museum in New York has granted public access to nearly 500 images from its exquisite Rembrandt etchings collection. This collection, renowned as the finest in North America, is the legacy of financier Pierpont Morgan, who began acquiring these works of art in 1900, followed by another significant acquisition in 1906.

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