Amina Muaddi's Lakeside Soiree: A Celebration of Friendship and Fashion

June 18, 2023 in Fashion & Style by Julian Everett

Designer Amina Muaddi kicked off the weekend with a delightful dinner at Lake Como, celebrating the opening of her brand's pop-up shop. This was no ordinary event - the guest list was a roll call of Muaddi's colleagues from the fashion industry.

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Flathead Lake: The Gem of Montana and The World's Clearest Lake

July 5, 2023 in Travel & Destinations by Charlotte Sinclair

The United States is home to some of the most stunning natural wonders in the world, and Flathead Lake in Montana is no exception. The lake holds the title for being the largest freshwater lake in the United States, covering an area of 510 square kilometers. But that's not its only claim to fame. Flathead Lake also enjoys the distinction of being the world's clearest lake, a characteristic that leaves most visitors mesmerized.

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A Luxury Escape to Lake Como with Dior at the Legendary Villa d'Este

July 5, 2023 in Travel & Destinations by Julian Everett

Let's transport ourselves to Lake Como and immerse in the elegance of Dior at the legendary Villa d'Este. This luxurious locale offers much more than just an opportunity to shop the autumn collection.

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