Isabel Marant Dives into Dental Care with Own Toothpaste Line

June 22, 2023 in Fashion & Style

I honestly don't understand why you need this information, but Isabel Marant has released its own toothpaste, which the brand plans to distribute in its Paris, London, and New York boutiques starting from today. I would grab a tube.

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Arterton's Spy-Like Foldable Umbrella, Minus the Poison Dart

June 30, 2023 in Design & Décor

Unleashing a piece of practical luxury, Arterton, a London-based brand, has introduced a compact, foldable umbrella that seems straight out of a spy movie. Priced at £345, the umbrella features a unique construction that allows the handle and tip to be collapsed, making it easy to fit into a suitcase. This elegant and versatile accessory is perfect for those on-the-go, offering a convenient solution to stay dry in style.

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Scotland's Own Coronation: A Second Crowning for King Charles III

July 5, 2023 in Fashion & Style

While we spent our day in Paris, a significant event took place in Scotland: the second coronation of King Charles III. This tradition stems from the country's unique history, which saw Scotland ruled by monarchs distinct from the British royal family until 1603. Out of respect for this history and the traditions that come with it, Scotland continues to host its own, albeit more modest, coronation ceremony.

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Dior Announces Multisensory Pop-Up for Denim Tears Collaboration

July 7, 2023 in Photography & Visuals

Dior has announced a unique multisensory pop-up experience to promote their collaboration with Denim Tears. The fashion house has enlisted the creative prowess of Makoto Azuma, a celebrated Japanese floral artist, to design a massive inflatable installation.

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Intriguing Art on Antique Pages: Discover the Works of Australian Artist, Loui Jover"

July 9, 2023 in Arts & Culture

Renowned Australian artist Loui Jover has been turning heads in the art world with his fascinating technique of painting on the pages of old books. Utilizing a combination of inks and gouache, Jover creates striking imagery on a vintage backdrop, turning each piece into a captivating work of art.

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Margot Robbie Dazzles in Vivienne Westwood at the "Barbie" Premiere

July 12, 2023 in Models & Actresses Photos

The London premiere of the highly anticipated "Barbie" movie saw leading lady Margot Robbie pay a fashionable tribute to the iconic doll herself. Robbie, who stars as Barbie in the film, stepped out in a custom Vivienne Westwood gown reminiscent of the 1997 Barbie Enchanted Evening doll.

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Barbie Comes to Life at Selfridges: A Pink-tastic Collaboration

July 15, 2023 in Design & Décor

In a bold move sure to delight fans of all ages, London's famed Selfridges store has partnered with Mattel, the creators of the iconic Barbie doll, to bring a piece of toy history to life. Transforming its display windows into life-sized Barbie doll boxes, Selfridges has created an immersive retail experience that transports shoppers straight into Barbie's world.

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Eva Green: The Quintessential Femme Fatale

Aug. 5, 2023 in Models & Actresses Photos

Eva Green, the Parisian-born actress, has been captivating audiences worldwide with her smoky eyes, porcelain skin, and enchanting performances, making her the modern embodiment of the classic film noir femme fatale.

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Nena von Schlebrügge: A Remarkable Life That Gave Us Uma Thurman

Sept. 4, 2023 in Models & Actresses Photos

Nena von Schlebrügge is not just known as the mother of acclaimed actress Uma Thurman, but also as a former fashion model and an aristocratic figure with an extraordinary family history. Her father, Baron Friedrich Karl Johann von Schlebrügge, was a colonel during World War I and later became a dissident during the Nazi regime. His marriage to Swedish national Birgit Holmquist was a lifesaver that allowed him to leave Germany and move to Mexico, where Nena was born.

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Vogue's Historic Open Casting Introduces Eight Global Finalists Set to Redefine Modern Beauty

Sept. 7, 2023 in Fashion & Style

Hold onto your couture hats, fashionistas! American Vogue has just dropped its lineup of fresh faces for the season, and this isn't your grandma's model roster. For the first time ever, Vogue hosted an open casting call for global talent, and the world answered.

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Lila Moss Stars in Pepe Jeans' 50th Anniversary Campaign "W11 Love From London"

Sept. 9, 2023 in Fashion & Style

Marking a significant milestone, Pepe Jeans celebrates its 50th anniversary with the launch of a special Autumn campaign, "W11 Love From London," showcasing Lila Moss as its star face. The campaign was artfully captured by the celebrated fashion photographer Alasdair McLellan.

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Victoria's Secret Unveils "The Tour Experience" at New York Flagship Store

Sept. 9, 2023 in Design & Décor

Victoria's Secret has pulled back the curtain on an updated retail experience at its flagship store in New York City. Known as "The Tour Experience," this new in-store environment features an array of designs created by four designers from Lagos, Tokyo, Bogota, and London, which were recently showcased at a fashion show.

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Celebrating 160 Years of the London Underground with New Art Posters

Sept. 10, 2023 in Arts & Culture

In honor of its 160th anniversary, the London Underground has commissioned four stunning art posters that seamlessly meld past and present. The posters take inspiration from vintage designs from the last century, housed in the London Museum of Transport. These historical designs feature iconic cultural landmarks like the English National Opera, the London Symphony Orchestra, the Southbank Centre, and the Royal Opera House.

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The Grand Opening of Raffles London at The OWO: Where History Meets Luxury

Sept. 15, 2023 in Travel & Destinations

Mark your calendars, travel enthusiasts and history buffs! September 29th will witness the unveiling of one of this year’s most anticipated hotel projects: Raffles London at The OWO.

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Mowalola Spring-Summer 2024: Fetishizing Pain and Revolutionizing Fashion Norms

Sept. 16, 2023 in Fashion & Style

Last night at London Fashion Week, all eyes were on Mowalola Ogunlesi as she unveiled her much-anticipated Spring-Summer 2024 collection. The showcase featured an unusual mix of elements—ranging from classic oxfords with long socks to double skirts and "two-in-one" t-shirts. Even supermodel Irina Shayk graced the runway, intriguingly sporting a black eye.

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The Unexpected Layers of Molly Goddard's Latest Collection

Sept. 18, 2023 in Fashion & Style

At first glance, Molly Goddard's new collection may appear traditional and straightforward, especially when compared to Simon Rocha’s intricate designs. However, closer examination reveals an entirely different story.

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Daniel Lee Unveils Second Collection for Burberry: A Mix of Classic and Avant-Garde

Sept. 18, 2023 in Fashion & Style

Despite Daniel Lee's childhood love for knights and their shining armor, his second collection for Burberry showcased a more subtle approach to metallic details. Instead of opting for the real thing, Lee cleverly 'drew' hardware elements like carabiners and chains onto the clothes, adding dashes of Burberry Blue and purple cherries to spice up the designs.

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