Coach Café Makes a Statement in Dubai Mall

Aug. 17, 2023 in Travel & Destinations by Julian Everett

Coach Café / Dubai Mall

Coach Café: A Monochromatic Marvel in Dubai Mall

As the era of pop-up experiences continues to enthrall audiences, #PopUpOfTheDay features the Coach Café nestled in the heart of Dubai Mall. Although the branding might not be every design aficionado's dream, there's no denying that the monochromatic theme stands out, creating a striking visual appeal.

Coach Café / Dubai Mall

Not Just Another Brand Extension:

With Tiffany's café also set to open its doors in the same vicinity soon, it might be tempting to think that luxury brands are jumping on a youth-centric bandwagon. However, a closer look reveals that these branded spaces are not purely targeting Zoomers (Gen Z), but rather, the affluent and discerning Millennial segment.

Coach Café / Dubai Mall

Why Millennials?

Millennials, a generation older than Zoomers, often possess more substantial purchasing power. With family units and a strong desire to belong to chic communities, these individuals appreciate the confluence of recognizable branding, aesthetic appeal, and exclusivity.

Coach Café / Dubai Mall

The Allure of Branded Spaces:

Branded cafés and beaches hit all the right notes for the millennial crowd. They offer recognizable logos that resonate with a sense of luxury, instagrammable food dishes, appropriate pricing, and a certain caliber of clientele. As a millennial myself, the allure of such spaces is undeniable. Every time a new branded establishment pops up, there's an instinctive desire to visit, immerse in its ambiance, and be part of that 'cool' community.

Coach Café / Dubai Mall

While trends come and go, the need to belong and experience luxury in novel ways remains constant. Branded spaces like Coach Café offer just that – a familiar logo, a luxurious environment, and a sense of belonging, making it a magnet for millennials seeking an upscale, yet community-oriented experience.

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