Julian Everett

Julian hails from a quaint village in the Yorkshire Dales, where his flair for fashion contrasted with the rustic life. After studying literature at Oxford, he ventured into the bustling world of London's fashion scene. Julian's writing is characterized by a blend of sartorial knowledge, wit, and a keen sense of social trends. As a proud gay man, he has become a voice for inclusivity in the fashion world, championing LGBTQ+ designers and trends. With over two decades in the industry, Julian has now taken his expertise to the digital realm, writing for a high-profile fashion blog that celebrates diversity and the breaking of norms, inspiring his readers to find their own style narratives.

Julian Everett

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"Ripley" Series Captivates with Stunning Italian Locales and Cinematographic Mastery

April 11, 2024 in Arts & Culture by Julian Everett

The "Ripley" television series may not have won over every viewer, but its impeccable selection of Italian filming locations and the cinematographic artistry of Robert Elswit, who created a mesmerizing black-and-white visual style, are undeniably noteworthy. For those familiar with Italy, the series offers a delightful sense of recognition with its use of iconic sites like the Pio Monte della Misericordia church in Naples, the Gritti Palace hotel in Venice, and the arch on Via Giulia in Rome. However, the series does not strive for authenticity in every aspect. For instance, Rome's train station is ingeniously represented by the EUR's Palace of Congresses.

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Puig Aims for €2.5 Billion Boost with Spanish IPO

April 9, 2024 in Fashion & Style by Julian Everett

In a strategic move poised to shake up the luxury goods and fragrance industry, Puig, the parent company of illustrious brands such as Prada Beauty, Valentino Beauty, and Byredo, has announced its plan to enter the Spanish stock market. The IPO aims to attract more than €2.5 billion in investments, presenting a unique opportunity for business enthusiasts to own a piece of the esteemed family-owned business that has thrived under the Puig family's stewardship since 1914.

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Phoebe Philo's Brand Steps Out of the Online Realm into Bergdorf Goodman

April 4, 2024 in Fashion & Style by Julian Everett

In a much-anticipated move that bridges the gap between the digital and physical retail worlds, the renowned designer Phoebe Philo is set to make a grand entrance at Bergdorf Goodman. This April, the flagship department store on Manhattan's plush Fifth Avenue is dedicating space on its fourth floor to host the first batch of Phoebe Philo's self-titled brand collection. Shoppers can look forward to a second installment arriving in May.

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Nick Cave's Exhibition "The Devil—A Life" Opens Tomorrow at Xavier Hufkens Gallery in Belgium

April 3, 2024 in Arts & Culture by Julian Everett

Tomorrow marks the opening of a unique exhibition at the Xavier Hufkens Gallery in Belgium, showcasing the work of Nick Cave, a musician renowned not only for his sonic contributions but also for his artistic endeavors. The exhibition, titled "The Devil—A Life" (2020–24), features a series of seventeen glazed ceramic figurines that intricately weave the narrative of the Devil's life from his infancy to his demise.

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Prada Launches New East West Bags with a Vintage Twist

April 3, 2024 in Fashion & Style by Julian Everett

Prada has introduced its new line of East West bags, blending contemporary design with a nostalgic vintage charm. These bags, reminiscent of cherished heirlooms, are currently available in classic black and a subtle sand hue, exuding elegance and timeless appeal.

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