Paul-Albert Besnard: An Emblematic Figure of French Symbolism

June 30, 2023 in Arts & Culture by Julian Everett

Paul-Albert Besnard (1849-1934) was a French painter and printmaker known for his contributions to the Symbolist movement. His work spanned a variety of styles and subjects, including portraiture, landscapes, and allegorical works, and his innovative use of color and light showed the influence of Impressionism.

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Gaetano Bellei: The Grandparents and the Fine Art of Emotional Portraiture

Aug. 3, 2023 in Arts & Culture by Julian Everett

Gaetano Bellei (1857-1922), an Italian genre and portrait painter, is renowned for his distinctive style, bringing subjects to life with a finesse that made his works exceptionally vibrant and evocative. One of his compelling works, 'The Grandparents', stands as a testament to his ability to delve into the human psyche and present it masterfully on canvas.

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From Design to Portraiture: How Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk Captures the Essence of Old Masters

Aug. 21, 2023 in Arts & Culture by Julian Everett

The journey of Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk is nothing short of inspiring. A mother of five children hailing from the Netherlands, she explored several artistic avenues before her name became synonymous with breathtaking portraiture. With stints as a designer and jeweler, it was the artistic world of photography that truly called to her.

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