Ana de Armas Shines in Louis Vuitton's 'Deep Time' High Jewelry Campaign

July 3, 2023 in Fashion & Style by Julian Everett

Louis Vuitton's 'Deep Time' High Jewelry Campaign

Ana de Armas, known for her breakout role in the movie 'Knives Out', stars in Louis Vuitton's latest high jewelry campaign titled 'Deep Time'. The collection is a captivating exploration of Earth's geological past and the concept of evolving life, showcasing the House's extraordinary craftsmanship and creativity.

The 'Deep Time' collection is divided into two main sections: 'Geology' and 'Life'. The 'Geology' section reflects the Earth's rich heritage, spotlighting an array of precious stones that symbolize the various stages of the planet's history. The second section, 'Life', is more graphic in nature, illustrating the idea of life's transformative nature.

Louis Vuitton's 'Deep Time' High Jewelry Campaign

Ana de Armas embodies the collection's blend of timeless elegance and dynamic evolution. Her radiant energy and vibrant persona perfectly resonate with the collection's dual themes, making her the ideal representative of this unique campaign.

Louis Vuitton's 'Deep Time' High Jewelry Campaign

This new Louis Vuitton collection, with its 95 distinctive pieces, is a tribute to the planet's incredible journey and the constant metamorphosis of life itself. It serves as a reminder of our deep-rooted connections with the Earth and the intricate beauty that lies within its history and evolution.

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