Sydney Sweeney Graces the Cover of Variety: A Nod to Terry Richardson?

Aug. 9, 2023 in Models & Actresses Photos by Charlotte Sinclair

Sydney Sweeney / Variety

In Variety's latest issue, actress Sydney Sweeney takes center stage, gracing both the cover and the inside pages. With a piercing gaze and strikingly raw aesthetic, her photographs immediately conjure thoughts of the infamous, and now-controversial, photographer Terry Richardson.

For those unfamiliar, Richardson's high-contrast, flash-forward style became the gold standard in fashion photography during the late '90s and early 2000s. However, his name later became synonymous with numerous allegations and controversies, which overshadowed his contributions to the industry.

Sydney Sweeney / Variety

A Glimpse into the Past?

Sweeney's photographs, with their stark backgrounds and intense focus on the subject, are reminiscent of Richardson's iconic shots. The similarities are undeniable, yet the context is vastly different. While Richardson's works were a bold statement during his prime, these images of Sweeney seem to be an ode to the past, a tribute to a style that once dominated the industry.

Timely Interview: A Prelude to the Strike

It's worth noting that the interview, laden with insights and candid moments, was conducted a few weeks before the major acting strike. This timestamp serves as a reminder of the changing tides in the entertainment industry, highlighting the pressing issues actors face, and how they rally together for their rights.

Sydney Sweeney / Variety
Sydney Sweeney / Variety

Variety's latest issue offers readers not just a captivating visual treat, but also a timely discussion, cemented by the impending strike. Sydney Sweeney's portrayal, reminiscent of Terry Richardson's signature style, evokes nostalgia, while also setting the stage for pressing conversations in the entertainment world. The issue stands as a blend of past influences and present-day urgencies, making it a must-read for those keen on the pulse of Hollywood.

Sydney Sweeney / Variety

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