New Victoria's Secret Angels and Doja Cat Celebrate Brand Relaunch with Star-Studded Manhattan Dinner

Sept. 7, 2023 in Models & Actresses Photos by Julian Everett

New Victoria's Secret Angels

The iconic lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret is charting a new course, and who better to herald this new era than a fresh cohort of Angels and chart-topping singer Doja Cat? A gala dinner was held at the Manhattan Center to mark the brand's relaunch, graced by a cavalcade of fashion industry icons and newcomers alike.

The "pink carpet" was practically glowing with the star power of models like Gigi Hadid, Naomi Campbell, Iris Law, Adriana Lima, Taylor Hill, and Lila Moss. But it wasn't just a runway; it was a statement — a testament to the brand's evolving identity and the diverse array of powerful women it now seeks to represent.

New Victoria's Secret Angels

Gigi Hadid and Naomi Campbell

Two names synonymous with high fashion, Gigi Hadid and Naomi Campbell, were among the first to grace the pink carpet. Their appearance set the tone for the evening — one of sophistication, glamour, and forward-thinking fashion.

Iris Law and Adriana Lima

Another highlight of the evening was the sight of Iris Law and Adriana Lima, representing a blend of emerging talent and industry legacy. Their presence was a nod to Victoria’s Secret's ability to bridge generations while remaining a touchstone of fashion and allure.

New Victoria's Secret Angels

Taylor Hill and Lila Moss

Rounding out the dazzling lineup were Taylor Hill and Lila Moss, who have both been making waves in the fashion world in their own right. The two exemplified the brand's focus on youthful energy and cutting-edge style.

Doja Cat

As for Doja Cat, the music sensation added a touch of pop-culture glam to the event. Celebrated for her eclectic style and dynamic performances, she embodies the very essence of the modern woman that Victoria's Secret aims to celebrate in this new chapter.

New Victoria's Secret Angels

It’s clear that the brand is setting out on an ambitious new journey, determined to regain its position as a fashion leader while embracing a broader, more inclusive vision of beauty. The relaunch dinner served not just as a celebration but also as an unveiling of what promises to be an exciting future for Victoria’s Secret.

New Victoria's Secret Angels

Indeed, this was not merely a night of fine dining and fashion. It was a landmark event signifying a pivotal moment for a brand looking to reclaim its rightful place in the industry, backed by a new generation of strong, diverse women. And if the star-studded pink carpet is any indication, the future is looking quite fabulous.

New Victoria's Secret Angels

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