Harper's Bazaar US September Issue: A Star-Studded Affair

Aug. 16, 2023 in Fashion & Style by Charlotte Sinclair

Harper's Bazaar US September issue

Doja Cat, Kendall Jenner, and Paul Mescal Shine in Harper's Bazaar US

As the world transitions into the fall season, Harper’s Bazaar US is turning up the heat with its September issue. The prestigious magazine has enlisted a star-studded trio for its cover story: chart-topping artist Doja Cat, supermodel Kendall Jenner, and breakthrough actor Paul Mescal.

Harper's Bazaar US September issue

Dressed to Impress:

Fashion plays a pivotal role in this anticipated issue. Doja Cat, known for her eclectic and bold style, stuns in outfits from D&G and Versace, radiating confidence and charm. Meanwhile, Kendall Jenner, no stranger to high fashion, looks effortlessly chic in ensembles from Miu Miu and Dior, showcasing her model prowess and innate sense of style. Last but not least, Paul Mescal, who has taken the entertainment industry by storm, dons pieces from Gucci, reflecting his suave and modern aesthetics.

The trio's dynamic energy and unique styles are brilliantly captured by iconic photographer Mario Sorrenti. Sorrenti's reputation for bringing out the raw and intimate essence of his subjects pairs perfectly with the diverse personalities of Doja Cat, Jenner, and Mescal. The resulting shots are a blend of fashion, artistry, and individuality.

Harper's Bazaar US September issue
Harper's Bazaar US September issue

A Testament to Modern Icons:

The choice of these three personalities for the September issue underscores their influential roles in their respective industries. Whether it's Doja Cat's meteoric rise in the music world, Kendall Jenner's continued dominance on global runways, or Paul Mescal's acclaimed acting feats, Harper's Bazaar US has chosen to spotlight modern icons who are shaping popular culture.

Harper's Bazaar US September issue
Harper's Bazaar US September issue

The September issue of Harper’s Bazaar US promises not only a visual treat but also an immersive journey into the worlds of music, fashion, and film. With the combined star power of Doja Cat, Kendall Jenner, and Paul Mescal, and the artful eye of Mario Sorrenti, this is one edition that's sure to be remembered for years to come.

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