The Orbit Sneakers from Bottega Veneta: Not a Collaboration but a Statement

Aug. 24, 2023 in Fashion & Style by Julian Everett

Orbit Sneakers / Bottega Veneta

Strap in, sneakerheads, because Bottega Veneta is about to drop a bomb. Coming to you on August 31st are their high-end Orbit sneakers, priced at a cool $1000. And get this—Hailey Bieber has already been flaunting these kicks since spring.

Hailey Bieber / Orbit Sneakers / Bottega Veneta

Initially, folks thought this was going to be an Asics collab. Nope, this is all Bottega Veneta's doing. As we'd expect from the luxury brand, the Orbit sneakers are sleek, elegant, and yes—pricy. But for those looking for a statement sneaker, this could very well be your next investment.

Orbit Sneakers / Bottega Veneta

The Orbit sneakers are the epitome of high fashion meeting street style, and they've already got the Hailey Bieber stamp of approval, so you know they're trending. The sleek design combines utility and luxury in a way that only Bottega Veneta can.

Orbit Sneakers / Bottega Veneta

Ready to elevate your sneaker game to new heights? Mark your calendars for August 31st, because these bad boys are likely to sell out fast. And let's be honest, if they're good enough for Hailey Bieber, they're good enough for the rest of us. Get your wallets ready!

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