Prada Sponsors Wakeboarder Nicolas Plitas for Major Championship in Cagliari

Aug. 28, 2023 in Fashion & Style by Charlotte Sinclair

Nicolas Plitas / Prada-branded

Prada has once again broken from tradition, this time by sponsoring wakeboarder Nicolas Plitas for the biggest championship event in Cagliari. Known for their luxury fashion and trend-setting designs, the brand has taken a unique route in the world of sports sponsorships by choosing to support less conventional sports.

Nicolas Plitas will be competing in the championship fully outfitted in Prada-branded gear, including his wakeboards and wetsuits. The collaboration is an exciting move that showcases Prada's commitment to diversifying its engagements and continually defying expectations. Fans of both Prada and the sport are looking forward to this novel partnership and are curious to see how it will impact the competition and possibly introduce high fashion into the world of wakeboarding.

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