Louis Vuitton Commemorates Only Watch Charity Auction's 10th Anniversary with an Einstein-inspired Timepiece

Aug. 3, 2023 in Fashion & Style by Charlotte Sinclair

Louis Vuitton / Albert Einstein himself

Marking the 10th anniversary of the Only Watch charity auction, Louis Vuitton unveils a magnificent timepiece featuring none other than Albert Einstein himself. This exquisite creation demonstrates the mastery and craftsmanship of Geneva's watchmakers, who are responsible for Louis Vuitton's High Horology line.

The watch is an artwork in itself, featuring a micro-sculpture of the celebrated physicist, executed in enamel using the grisaille technique. The watch case is made from 18-carat white gold, embellished with diamonds, and bears the intricate hand engravings from the Geneva masters.

Louis Vuitton / Albert Einstein himself

The meticulous detailing is awe-inspiring - every single strand of Einstein's hair has been engraved with precision, taking up 50 hours of craftsmanship. An additional 80 hours were spent to simulate the chalk inscriptions on a blackboard, adding another layer of authenticity to the piece.

Louis Vuitton / Albert Einstein himself

With a simple push of the activator button, Einstein's portrait comes to life, and the current time is displayed in an aperture on the forehead, adding a unique and captivating dynamic to the timepiece.

Louis Vuitton / Albert Einstein himself

This remarkable piece of horology art is priced starting from 340,000 Swiss francs. A worthy investment for connoisseurs of luxury watches and fans of Einstein alike, the timepiece offers not only a unique aesthetic but also a connection to the spirit of the Only Watch charity auction.

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