Giovanna Engelbert's Vintage Choices Beyond Swarovski

Aug. 21, 2023 in Models & Actresses Photos by Charlotte Sinclair

Giovanna Engelbert: A Vintage Connoisseur Beyond Swarovski

While Giovanna Engelbert is known for steering Swarovski's shimmering future as its Creative Director, her personal style palette delves deep into the heart of vintage luxury. Stepping out of the crystal realm, she curates a collection that speaks volumes about fashion history and its iconic moments.

A Margiela apron from 1997 stands as a testament to deconstructionist fashion, symbolizing an era of breaking boundaries and redefining style norms. This piece hints at Engelbert's appreciation for fashion that challenges and inspires.

Equally striking is her choice of a Bvlgari choker from 1970. The piece, with its intricate design, mirrors the luxury and elegance that the 70s Italian glamour era embodied.

But it's not all about subtlety for Giovanna. A sun necklace from YSL's 1980 collection adds a bold statement, capturing the vibrant and experimental spirit of the decade.

It's clear that while her professional world revolves around Swarovski's contemporary sparkle, Engelbert's heart has a special place for timeless vintage treasures.

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