Air Canada's "New" All-Black Livery Sparks a Fashionable Feud with Air New Zealand

Sept. 15, 2023 in Design & Décor by Julian Everett

Air Canada's "New" All-Black Livery

In a world full of stories and jokes about people showing up in the same dress at events, here comes a twist—this time it's about airplanes dressing alike! Air Canada recently unveiled its new all-black livery for business-class-only charter planes via a Twitter post, claiming the new look will make their jets "instantly recognizable." However, Air New Zealand was quick to point out the uncanny resemblance to its own all-black planes that have been soaring the skies for about a decade.

Air Canada took to Twitter to proudly announce its sleek, new all-black livery, designed to make their charter planes stand out in a crowded market. According to their post, the fresh look is meant to give their fleet an air of exclusivity and luxury, targeting the upper echelon of travelers who opt for business-class-only services.

Air New Zealand

Not long after Air Canada's announcement, Air New Zealand chimed in with a sly retort. The airline posted an image of its own all-black plane, remarking that the Canadians' new design looked "strangely familiar." Air New Zealand’s fully black aircraft have been a part of their fleet and branding for about a decade now, making them a trailblazer in this particular aviation fashion statement.

Why Livery Matters

The exterior design of an airplane, often referred to as its "livery," plays a significant role in airline branding. Much like any fashion ensemble, the livery sets the tone for the customer experience, shaping first impressions as passengers board the plane. This makes the likeness between Air Canada's and Air New Zealand's aircraft not just a superficial issue but a branding one as well.

Air Canada's "New" All-Black Livery

Social media users were quick to pick up on the friendly banter between the two airlines, with some siding with Air New Zealand and others arguing that an all-black design isn’t unique enough to claim ownership. Either way, the Twitter exchange has added a touch of humor to the usually serious world of aviation.

In an industry where standing out can mean the difference between an empty and a fully booked flight, livery designs are not to be taken lightly. Air Canada’s new all-black design, while sleek and modern, shows that even in the skies, originality is key. For now, though, it seems the airlines are taking this "fashion faux pas" in good spirits, making for an amusing story for us earthbound observers.

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