A Wrinkle in Time: 'Tools' Magazine Explores the Art of Folding in its Latest Issue

Sept. 16, 2023 in Design & Décor by Charlotte Sinclair

Tools 3 — 09.2023 / To Fold

📖 Unfolding The New Narrative

For a magazine that only graces our shelves once a year, "Tools" never ceases to impress. Its third issue, fascinatingly titled "To Fold," is no different. The French bi-lingual magazine has taken on an understated yet incredibly intricate subject—the world of folds, pleats, and creases.

Tools 3 — 09.2023 / To Fold

👗 From Pleats to Seats

Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the theme; it goes way beyond pleated skirts and origami. Think foldable chairs that spell ergonomic magic, quintessential napkins from French bistros, or the beauty of an accordion's bellows. This issue is all about the art, design, and ingenuity involved in turning a flat surface into something three-dimensional and functional—or purely aesthetic.

Tools 3 — 09.2023 / To Fold

👥 People Behind the Pleats

In a touch of human interest, the magazine features interviews with people whose lives revolve around various types of folds. It includes workers in dry cleaning services, master pleaters from the historic Lognon atelier (owned by Chanel), and even a specialist responsible for assembling military parachutes.

Tools 3 — 09.2023 / To Fold

💡 Foldable Fancies

The issue isn’t limited to the sturdy or the functional. It pays homage to the ephemeral beauty of paper lanterns and fans, items that bring not just air but a sense of artistry into a space.

Tools 3 — 09.2023 / To Fold

📚 Language Is No Barrier

"Tools" may be a French magazine, but it speaks the universal language of art and design. Available in both French and English, this issue is out today, and it's one you won't want to miss.

Tools 3 — 09.2023 / To Fold

💌 Final Thoughts

Whether it’s fabric or paper, wood or metal, "Tools" magazine shows us that folds are not mere creases but a complex interplay of art and physics. It brings a whole new depth to the notion of 'folding,' making it not just a verb but an invitation to look closer, think deeper, and appreciate more.

Order your copy today and unfold a world of fascination, one page—and pleat—at a time.

The world of folds has never been so intriguing! "Tools" Magazine’s latest issue is an ode to the sophistication behind simple acts of folding. Go grab your copy now! 📘✨

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