Hats Off to Stephen Jones! Fashion’s Crown Jewels Shine at London Fashion Week

Sept. 16, 2023 in Fashion & Style by Charlotte Sinclair

Stephen Jones / Hats

👒🎩 What's Hat-ening, Fashionistas!

Hold onto your hats, or better yet, trade them in for a Stephen Jones original! The milliner behind Dior's most fabulous headgear since the John Galliano era just put on a show that has everyone at London Fashion Week talking, tweeting, and most importantly, tipping their hats.

Stephen Jones / Hats
Stephen Jones / Hats

👸 When Fashion Royalty Takes a Bow, Or Wears a Hat

Enter Suzy Menkes, the queen bee of fashion journalism. If you're looking for a fashion authority, look no further. Menkes tried on some of the new pieces, including a chic mini-top hat that had us all throwing it back to the Milanese style icon Anna Piaggi. The word around the runway? Adorable and elegant!

Stephen Jones / Hats
Stephen Jones / Hats

📸 Photo Ops and Top Hats

You'll want to check out photos 6, 7, and 8, because we're talking next-level headwear here. The mini-top hat could easily become the must-have accessory of the season. If Suzy Menkes is down to play dress-up with it, we should all take note.

Stephen Jones / Hats

👗 A Nod to the Classics

Jones's collection didn't just pay homage to the avant-garde stylings of Anna Piaggi. It’s a bow – or perhaps a brim – to the long, rich history of fashion and the way that the right hat can elevate an ensemble from stylish to iconic.

Stephen Jones / Hats

🛍️ Try Before You Buy, Or Just Buy!

If you, like us, are now obsessed with the idea of owning a mini-top hat (because why wouldn't you be?), let's just say it’s on our "to try or to buy" list.

Stephen Jones / Hats

🎈 Wrap Up

Stephen Jones's new collection is the talk of London Fashion Week for a reason. Hats off to him for creating something so visually stunning and historically rich that even the likes of Suzy Menkes can't resist trying them on for size. Stay tuned, darlings. The best fashion tales are still being written, one hat at a time! 🎩👒

If you're all about high fashion that turns heads—or tops them—then keep your eyes peeled and your style game strong. The runway has spoken! 🌟

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