The Morgan Library & Museum Unlocks the Rembrandt Print Collection for Public Viewing

March 15, 2024 in Arts & Culture by Charlotte Sinclair


In an exciting development for art lovers and historians alike, The Morgan Library & Museum in New York has granted public access to nearly 500 images from its exquisite Rembrandt etchings collection. This collection, renowned as the finest in North America, is the legacy of financier Pierpont Morgan, who began acquiring these works of art in 1900, followed by another significant acquisition in 1906.

Today, The Morgan Library & Museum houses the majority of the approximately three hundred known Rembrandt etchings, including many unique prints in various states. This unparalleled collection provides an insight into the creative genius of one of the most important artists in history.

The true marvel is in the details, and with high-resolution downloads now available, every line and shadow crafted by the master's hand is up for close examination. Scholars and enthusiasts can delve into the intricate artistry of Rembrandt's work from anywhere in the world, bringing a piece of 17th-century art history right into the 21st century.

These etchings, which capture the breadth of Rembrandt's subjects, from evocative landscapes to intense self-portraits, are more than just images; they are storytellers of their time. With this generous move by The Morgan Library & Museum, the accessibility of these narratives is significantly broadened.

To view and download these magnificent etchings, visit The Morgan Library & Museum's digital archives and witness the legacy that Pierpont Morgan has preserved for both present and future generations to cherish.

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