Martell Unveils the World's Most Expensive Cognac: Les Remarquables de Martell

March 14, 2024 in Fashion & Style by Charlotte Sinclair

Les Remarquables de Martell

In a dazzling display of luxury and craftsmanship, Martell has unveiled what is expected to become the most expensive cognac in the world - Les Remarquables de Martell. With an eye-watering price tag of $1.1 million, connoisseurs around the globe are taking notice.

This remarkable blend comprises two exceptionally aged 70-year-old cognacs, one matured in oak barrels to imbue it with a timeless complexity, and the other a fresher and brighter spirit, exuding notes of honey, white flowers, and candied fruits.

But the exquisiteness of Les Remarquables does not stop at the taste. The bottle itself is a piece of art, adorned with gold threads meticulously woven by the French artist Laurentine Périlhou. This masterpiece is further embellished with three synthetic sapphires and a stunning diamond, cementing its status as a collector's dream.

Accompanying the cognac is a range of luxurious accessories: a set of six Baccarat crystal glasses, a macrame necklace for the bottle, and a pair of elegant white gloves for service, ensuring that the experience of Les Remarquables is as much about presentation as it is about palate.

In a testament to the cognac's allure, the advertising campaign features none other than the charismatic Vincent Cassel and the celebrated Tony Leung, adding a touch of cinematic glamour to the already illustrious brand.

With Les Remarquables de Martell, the historic cognac house reaffirms its position at the pinnacle of luxury spirits. As this exquisite blend prepares to hit the market, it promises to deliver an unparalleled experience to the lucky few who can afford to savor its extraordinary character.

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