Hermes Opens New Boutique in Aspen, Colorado

June 17, 2023 in Travel & Destinations by Charlotte Sinclair

Hermes Opens New Boutique in Aspen

Hermes has expanded its American footprint with the opening of a boutique in Aspen, Colorado, a favorite amongst skiers. However, this is not a pop-up or a seasonal store; it's a full-fledged, regular boutique. This move indicates that the mountain town, which was a significant hotspot during the pandemic, has evolved into an all-season attraction.

The boutique opening also demonstrates the decentralized nature of the American luxury market. In the world of big brands, seasonal stores are mainly located in resort areas, and pop-ups usually appear in unexpected, non-retail locations. However, in the US, each state boasts a selection of high-end retailers, reinforcing the dispersed nature of the market. The Hermes opening in Aspen signifies a trend of luxury brands catering to the demands of diverse locales.

In a recent interview, the new CEO of Hermes was asked about what she plans to change within the brand. She firmly responded, "This is not a brand that needs changing. We have the highest retention rate." This comment emphasizes the brand's commitment to its heritage and quality, underlining its enduring appeal among luxury customers.

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