Online Ticket Sales for Mount Fuji to Start May 20

May 13, 2024 in Travel & Destinations by Charlotte Sinclair

Mount Fuji

In a move to better manage tourism and preserve the environment, the Japanese authorities have announced that tickets to hike Mount Fuji will be available online starting May 20. This decision comes after a year of discussions about introducing a hiking fee for accessing Japan's most iconic peak.

The new ticketing system is set to debut ahead of the official climbing season, which runs from July to September. With concerns over environmental impact and safety, authorities have decided to cap the number of daily hikers on the Yoshida Trail in Yamanashi Prefecture, the most popular route, to 4,000. Of these, 3,000 tickets can be purchased online, while the remaining 1,000 will be available for on-site purchase.

The price for each ticket has been set at 2,000 yen, which aims to ensure that the funds collected will contribute to the maintenance and preservation of the trails and surrounding areas.

Additionally, to prevent overnight hikes and ensure hiker safety, authorities have imposed restrictions on access to the trail between 4 PM and 3 AM. Exceptions will be made for those who have reservations at mid-mountain lodges.

This structured approach to managing the influx of tourists to Mount Fuji is part of broader efforts to protect the site from environmental degradation and to make the hiking experience safe and enjoyable for everyone. Tickets and additional information will be available on the official Mount Fuji hiking website starting May 20.

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