Michelin Recognizes Mexican Restaurants for the First Time: A Belated Tribute to Great Cuisine?

May 17, 2024 in Travel & Destinations by Julian Everett

restaurants in Mexico / Michelin

While we were sleeping, Michelin made history by awarding stars to restaurants in Mexico for the first time. This belated recognition of Mexico’s rich and varied cuisine challenges the mistaken belief that it is limited to tacos and burritos. However, the absence of three-star restaurants across Mexico suggests a lingering French bias among the inspectors. With only two restaurants receiving two stars and 16 earning one, the result seems laughable for such a large and gastronomically diverse country.

Personally, just thinking about Mexico whets my appetite, and I find regional cuisine the most fascinating, beyond the most publicized restaurants. For example, Pujol in Mexico City, which received two stars, was not my most memorable gastronomic experience. Instead, in the small Yucatecan town of Valladolid, at the restaurant in the Mesón del Marqués hotel, I had a cheese soup so exceptional that I later made a long and tiring detour just to enjoy it again. I still remember it fondly, although this restaurant doesn’t even aspire to be called gastronomic.

What am I getting at? Restaurant evaluation is a matter of criteria. My criteria differ from those of the Michelin inspectors. Nevertheless, the fact that Mexican restaurants have entered the Michelin universe is a big deal. So let’s explore the ranking, get inspired, and dream of a trip to Mexico.

Additionally, Michelin has published a separate list of restaurants in the Bib Gourmand category, highlighting establishments with excellent value for money.

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