"Eating Lovers": Eva Fabrigas's Stunning Installation at Berlin's Station

Aug. 31, 2023 in Arts & Culture by Charlotte Sinclair

"Eating Lovers" / Eva Fabrigas

Hey, art lovers! If you're in Berlin or planning a trip soon, you've got to check out the rad art installation at the station. It's none other than "Eating Lovers" by Spanish artist Eva Fabrigas, and trust me, it's an Instagram-worthy spectacle.

Picture this: you're hustling through the station, all concrete and steel, a very industrial vibe—pretty standard, right? But hold up! Amidst all this gray, your eyes suddenly land on these super cool, curvy sculptures. We're talking shades of lavender, tangerine, and the softest of pinks. It's like stepping into a totally different world, one where you can almost forget you're in a busy station.

"Eating Lovers" / Eva Fabrigas

The sculptures are kinda biometric, reminding you a bit of natural forms but twisted into surreal shapes. The colors? A vibrant counterpoint to all that industrial gray metal. It's like Eva is saying, "Hey, even in the most ordinary or tough places, there's room for love, color, and imagination."

"Eating Lovers" / Eva Fabrigas

What makes it even more amazing is the contrast, right? You have these soft, organic forms just chilling among hard, angular structures. And let's be real, in a world full of deadlines and monotony, a bit of artistic whimsy is what we all need to shake things up.

"Eating Lovers" / Eva Fabrigas

So, if you're around, don't miss this incredible installation. Even if you're not an art aficionado, "Eating Lovers" will give you something to talk about and maybe even a fresh perspective on love and life. Because sometimes, it's the unexpected bursts of color that make everything else worthwhile.

Catch you at the station! 🎨🚉

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