The Shapely Miss Staley: A Channel Charmer in Compatible Color

Feb. 26, 2024 in Models & Actresses Photos by Charlotte Sinclair

Joan Staley

Television tidbit, Joan Staley, pauses for a windblown moment outside CBS. At left, she digs for directorial data, above.

You've probably seen Joan Staley on the bluishly-blinking box in your fun room, as she has graced the screens of "Studio One," "Perry Mason," "Shower of Stars," among other TV slots. The 21-year-old, standing at five feet five inches, is an American girl with an international upbringing. As the daughter of a Navy chaplain, her adventures began early—she was born in an airplane high above the clouds, mid-flight between France and Germany. Her high school years were a mosaic of cultures: her freshman year in Chicago, sophomore in Washington, D.C., junior in Munich, and her senior year in Paris. Initially embarking on a career as a concert violinist, Joan shifted her focus to acting and singing, with plans to pursue these avenues until fame and fortune are hers in abundant, glittering heaps. Sweet, smart, and immensely talented, with eyes of blue and hair of blonde, Joan Staley is a pert Playmate who promises to turn any night into our own private "Late Late Show."

Joan Staley

In a stolen moment of tranquility before an important "Studio One" appearance, Joan enjoys a last cigarette. Below, she absorbs wisdom from another Joan, the seasoned showbiz veteran Blondell. Our Miss November once portrayed a teenager vexed by problems in a drama that also featured Miss Blondell, Jack Carson, and Maxie Rosenbloom.

Photography by Ron Vogel and Maurice Séchière.

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